Confetta and the Minaudiere

Confetta is a handbag, a jewel bag, or more precisely: a minaudière.

What does this French word mean?

The minaudière was born as the creation of the Van Cleef & Arpels jewelers. From their archives, we see that one of the earliest pieces, the Roses Minaudière, dates back to 1926. The idea came when Charles Arpels visited a friend, the socialite Florence Jay Gould, who carried a cigarette holder in a tin with a lipstick inside, face powder and lighter.


At that time, in fact, women began to go out with their beauty accessories.

The Minaudière had mini compartments for the comb, make-up, mirror, cigarettes, cards, watch, all encased in a luxurious structure embellished with stones. It was a creation of jewelry,so it had be luxurious.

At the time, what a woman had to bring out with her, was evidently not what we need today.

Over the years, this small handbag has been ever more embellished with luxurious details. A little gem to carry around, for special events and mostly in the evening.

The Celebrities on the red carpet always wear a minaudière, as it embellishes the look and obviously makes it even more elegant and important. It is necessary to think that a minaudière can also replace the jewelry, or be paired with it, making the jewels even more precious. In general, the minaudière is enough to identify the look as "important".

What we intend to do with Confetta is to make the minaudière also adaptable to daily events, even with a pair of jeans, because elegance is made in the details.

With Confetta nothing else is needed to shine ❤️