The birth of Confetta


Confetta comes from an idea: to create a heart-shaped minaudiere inspired by a candy. A bag different from the rest, unique, with an almost magical opening and bright and fun colors.

Confetta's first concept drawing

First of all, the idea: to be faithful to the model of a minaudiere, the heart had to be made with rigid materials and not the usual leather goods. But there was a problem with the opening, given the shape of Confetta, its roundness did not allow us to use a classic hinge, since this type of opening would have required a "flat" side to be functional. So we made many drawings, many prototypes of the heart that were first opened in one way and then in the other, and then we decided to aim for an invisible hinge.


Once the model was established, we started working with our Italian manufacturer for the creation of the wooden master in order to evaluate the size, volume and roundness of the bag.

Confetta's first wooden master

This model, in wood, was also colored to give us an idea of ​​the chromatic difference between the two pieces: Red frontal heart and white base (just like the candies).

 Confetta's first colored wooden master

 After some adjustments, the master met our initial idea and we were ready to proceed with the prototype.


Confetta is made of fiberglass, an extremely resistant material that requires a very refined craftsmanship. Each bag is handmade, just like our first prototype.

Confetta's first prototype

Finally we could touch the opening mechanism with our own hands. The two pieces are joined with a metal hook at the height of the tip of the heart, covered with a fabric lining that also prevents objects from falling out of the bag. The prototype fabric was temporary, useful to make us understand potential problems, but certainly not the color we liked. The closure worked very well and the magnets hidden in the resin allowed the two pieces to remain firmly closed. The prototype opening was not wide enough so we decided to increase it a little bit. We were ready for the next step in production ... The samples. But first we had to understand the colors.


The first collection we had to face was autumn-winter 2108-19, so the shades were chosen in relation to what we thought would be better suited to winter pairings. But it is also true that Confetta has a cheerful personality, so no sad colors.

Confetta's fall-winter first color palette

We kept our initial idea of ​​having the front part in glitter, so we chose a pink base color that we kept in the three versions of this first collection.

That's it for now!

We hope that this little journey has given you some of our enthusiasm in the creation of Confetta,

Eleonora & Flavio ❤️